James gotten 240 miles inside Sussex out-of his dad from inside the 1757

James gotten 240 miles inside Sussex out-of his dad from inside the 1757

Henry and you can Age had been the mother and father away from Parmelia whom partnered Thomas Chappell, who had been born into the 1772 in Sussex County

William was born in Southampton State and you will died into the Lunenburg Condition. During the 1780 he had been deeded a region out of house because of the their mothers during the Lunenburg. William along with his cousin Thomas expressed a region out of residential property toward Springfield Creek inside the Lunenburg in 1790 while the executors with the estate regarding Thomas Chappell. Into the 1792 it offered other region on Holds Aspect in Lunenburg. William is the daddy of William, Thomas, and you will John who had been detailed from inside the Dinwiddie inside the 1810.

Anna Chappell married Daniel Malone right after which good Robertson. Anna and you may Daniel was indeed the parents out of William, Thomas, Mary, Sally and Rebecka Malone. Rebecka partnered John Andrews, kid out-of Mark Andrews and Winifred Lyell. John grew up in 1764 into the Dinwiddie State. Their children was in fact Nancy exactly who kid County Tennesse; Tapley Andrews exactly who married Nancy Ragsdale; Sally Andres, produced within the 1786, which hitched Robert Ragsdale, Mary Winifred Andrews, Andrew L. Andrews exactly who hitched Elizabeth Hardaway Andrews and you can eliminated so you’re able to Clark State, Arkansas; Lucy Rebecca Andres, Elizabeth Andrews whom partnered John McCurdy, and you will Robert Lyle Andrews.

Age Chappell pton County, Virginia. She later on hitched an effective Fowler inside the 1775 when you look at the Dinwiddie State. Age and you may William Anderson was indeed cousins. E and you can Fowler were the mother and father away from Sarah, Wilmouth, and you may Mary Briggs Fowler.

James Chappell, Jr. Rives and you will Priscilla. Then partnered Mary, and you may after the woman death E Briggs inside the 1744 for Web sitesine gidin the Sussex Condition, the latest d Briggs and you may Briggs left to his child Age Chappell a great …Negro, chairs, and you will horses she is possessed out of.

When you look at the 1765 his father offered him various other 230 miles along with 1767 366 miles, certain are part of the 1755 region off three hundred acres to the Raccoon Swamp during the Sussex.

Their usually lists about three sons and you will a diverses, and Littlebury who was created November 21, 1772 inside the Sussex State

James Chappell, Jr. died in the Sussex Condition from inside the 1778. In the often, all of his youngsters, but John was in fact stated. James and Judith Rivers had been the mother and father away from parece and you can E had been the parents regarding Henry, Elizabeth just who y, Rebecca, William and you may Benjamin.

Henry grew up in 1751 into the Sussex Condition. He married Elizabeth Mason Rives new girl away from Christopher Rives and you can Elizabeth Mason. Henry obtained 170 miles towards Major’s Part throughout the 1769 tend to off their grandfather James Chappell. Henry and you may Age were also the mothers away from E Mason Chappell who partnered John Briggs when you look at the 1799, Sarah Chappell whom married a Wills, and Henry Chappell just who passed away when you look at the 1826 and never hitched.

James was born in 1746 into the Sussex Condition and passed away inside the 1818 within the Sussex Condition. The guy hitched Sarah Hines inside 1769. Within the 1768 his father indicated 150 acres. Littlebury parece and you may Sarah was in addition to the mothers from Edmund, Rebecca Parham Chappell which hitched Stephen Lucas, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah Chappell.

William Chappell was born in 1763 and you may partnered first Sarah Fowler in the 1803 into the Sussex, and you will after the girl death he was a good soldier in the Trend.

parece Gee and you can Boyce Scott. Mary died into the Sep, 1788. Charles got died a couple of years in advance of. ily. They certainly were the mother and father out of Elizabeth, parece, Sarah, John, Chappell, Howell, Charles, Boyce, and you may Henry Gee.

Harrison within the 1704 within the Sussex State. It lived in Prince George County. Their children provided Gee Harrison created from the 1841.

James Gee passed away November twelve, 1777 when you look at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because the a great soldier on the Revolution. His have a tendency to is recorded adopting the Trend, in which the guy stayed in 1783 into the Halifax NC, Commonly Bk. 3 p. 49.

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